Personal Accounting Software: Overview of Existing Solutions

Personal Finance SoftwareThere is a lot of personal accounting software over the internet that can be downloaded for free or at a certain price. Personal accounting software is used to make budgeting easier and more convenient without the use of manual calculators or pen and paper. With the software, you can choose to manage your money online or off your desktop computer. You can use your desktop computer to run your finances even without internet connection if you are able to download and install the software right into your computer.

Personal accounting software or personal finance software helps you get connected to banks in minutes. You do not have to go through the hassle of transacting over the counter or through phone conversations. The power of technology and the internet has made this process possible, easier, more convenient, time-saving, and energy-saving as well.

There is diverse software offered over the internet. And a list is provided here for some of the acclaimed most trusted software that finance institutions, bookkeepers, treasurers, and accountants use to supervise their jobs.

Different Types of Personal Accounting Software

  • Quicken – accounting software that was just released this year (2013) that serves the purpose of managing bills, recording expenses, and budgeting.
  • AceMoney Lite – tracks investment and bank accounts. Compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac.
  • Buddi – can be used by operators with no exact financial background. It runs on Mac, Linux, and Windows.
  • GnuCash – available for all operating systems. It can track bank accounts, stocks, income, expenses, and other small business accounting element.
  • Microsoft Money Sunset Deluxe – this software was developed by Microsoft and is only compatible for Windows operating system. This is free to download on the Microsoft website or other sites where it is offered by different downloader programs. It does not support internet-based features though. It simply runs on the computer.

These and many other types of personal accounting software are essential in solving the issues on budgeting, managing finances, and many other accounting needs.

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