Credit Debt Consolidation

Credit card balances have a nasty habit of creeping upwards without our being aware of it, and if this upward trend continues for too long without you doing something about it, then you can find that you are in a sticky situation. Credit card debt is particularly difficult to clear because of the high rate of interest, so you should try to keep it within reasonable proportions if possible.

However, if the level of debt gets out of control then you should do something about it as quickly as possible- interest is piling up. One of the best ways of tackling this is to get help from people whose business it is to control debt. You could take a look at some of the debt consolidation or credit control companies who advertise on the web. They will help you to find other ways of servicing this debt, to reduce the interest rates charged, and will also give you help with monthly budgeting.

You will also need to consider how this amount of indebtedness will affect your credit rating. You have a credit score that you need to consider, as this affects who is willing to lend to you, and at what interest rates. This score is usually kept by a company called Fair Isaac and Co and is known as your FICO score. It keeps track of how much you owe, how good you are at keeping repayments going, and how long your accounts have been in existence. You should take advice as to how to make your credit rating better, which will help your longer term financial health.

Our featured partners for Credit Debt Consolidation Assistance:

Debt Relief Network, Inc.

Overcome your debt and get help reducing harassing creditor phone calls without having to file for bankruptcy. At Debt Relief Network, we understand that unforeseen circumstances in life (divorce, medical bills, unemployment, etc.) can sometimes lead to a seemingly overwhelming debt burden. Our experienced, friendly personal counselors will work with you to help you overcome your debt and get on the road to financial freedom.

DebtWave Credit Counseling, Inc.

DebtWave Credit Counseling, Inc. offers a program to its clients that enables them to repay their debt in a timely fashion. We specialize in working primarily credit cards; however, we are usually able to assist clients with any bills that are considered to be unsecured. Below is a list of benefits that we are typically able to obtain for our clients:
– Reduce your interest rates
– Lower your monthly payment
– Consolidate into one monthly payment
– Eliminate late & overlimit fees
– Stop harassing phone calls (if behind)


The advantage of having an easy-to-follow, step-by-step investing process with easy-to-use Web-based tools is that you rely on facts to make decisions – not emotions. The benefits are less stress, better results and, dare we say it, fun.

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