Louisiana Home Financing

Financing your first home doesn’t have to be as difficult as putting together an authentic Louisiana gumbo. Obviously, as with any large undertaking, doing your homework will save you both time and money in the long run. Louisiana home financing options abound and deciding which one is best for you is a good first step.

Many first time homebuyers choose a fixed-rate mortgage. A fixed rate mortgage features an interest rate that stays the same for the term of the mortgage, which normally is 30 years. A fixed-rate mortgage never fluctuates which means that you always know exactly how much your mortgage payment will be.

Another kind of mortgage is an ARM or Adjustable Rate Mortgage. An ARM features an interest rate and monthly payments that usually start lower than a fixed rate mortgage. The adjustment is tied to a financial index, such as the U.S. Treasury Securities index so your rate and payment may go up or down once or twice per year. The advantage of an ARM is that you may be able to afford a more expensive home because your initial interest rate will be lower.

Of course, there are always a number of government mortgage programs that might interest you such as an FHA mortgage. While the FHA isn’t a lender, it does secure loans so that if for any reason a buyer defaults on their loan, the lender still gets their money.

The Web is an invaluable tool for first time homebuyers. Make use of it correctly and your first buying experience can be made easier and less complicated.


With interest rates at all-time lows, there has never been a better time to refinance.
Take advantage of getting additional cash out to improve your home, buy a new car, or pay for a child’s education. GuideToLenders.com will provide you with competitive loan quotes from up to four lenders. Different types of refinance loans offered are 30-year fixed, 15-year fixed, adjustable rate, and interest only. You’ll receive the best rates and options available, regardless of your credit. It takes less than a minute to apply, and you have nothing to lose. Find your refinance loan right now.


MoneyNest can help you search through hundreds of lenders and to find the most competitive rates. Get loans for mortgage refinancing, second mortgages, a home equity line of credit, home improvement, or debt consolidation. No fees are required and all credit histories are considered. Fill out a single application and get up to 4 FREE quotes.

Countrywide Home Loans

Qualified homeowners – even those with less-than-perfect credit – may now access their home’s equity to get cash, consolidate debts, and lower monthly expenses. Countrywide Home Loans may also help applicants who are self-employed or have high consumer debt. We offer competitively priced home loan programs, including fixed rate, adjustable rate, refinance and home equity loans.

DebtWave Credit Counseling, Inc.

DebtWave Credit Counseling, Inc. offers a program to its clients that enables them to repay their debt in a timely fashion. We specialize in working primarily credit cards; however, we are usually able to assist clients with any bills that are considered to be unsecured. Below is a list of benefits that we are typically able to obtain for our clients:
– Reduce your interest rates
– Lower your monthly payment
– Consolidate into one monthly payment
– Eliminate late & overlimit fees
– Stop harassing phone calls (if behind)


The advantage of having an easy-to-follow, step-by-step investing process with easy-to-use Web-based tools is that you rely on facts to make decisions – not emotions. The benefits are less stress, better results and, dare we say it, fun.

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